fy9n8 ke26e k3tey 4kkkt in5iy 39tyh 9458e 4hird s5598 n4i3b 5arzk aiit6 tsykn 3b2at 4siyr h8ftz ik238 94fhh a44zd ekf6k 3y69e Tip: You can travel as much as 1500m within 90s with the help of the new parachute gliding system. Press L.Shift / L3 to use the glider. Almost all maps have verticality so make smart use of that! |

Tip: You can travel as much as 1500m within 90s with the help of the new parachute gliding system. Press L.Shift / L3 to use the glider. Almost all maps have verticality so make smart use of that!

2021.12.04 10:36 MartianGeneral Tip: You can travel as much as 1500m within 90s with the help of the new parachute gliding system. Press L.Shift / L3 to use the glider. Almost all maps have verticality so make smart use of that!

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2021.12.04 10:36 a_stupid_14_year_old Don't put toothpaste on ur testicles

I heard that it hurt,decided to try myself,it hurt. Somehow cleaning it hurt even more
upside:nuts smell minty
I'm not sure if i'll keep this post up for long
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2021.12.04 10:36 inmoon کلیپ عاشقانه پرسپولیس جدید برای دربی

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2021.12.04 10:36 LibranSunset If you asked your partner to make you a priority, what would you expect their response to be?

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2021.12.04 10:36 Jerseybandit What is contentos and why has it seen a 56% increase while the entire crypto market of like 10k coins and tokens have take huge hits?

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2021.12.04 10:36 meryemy Kurtis Conner Sound Effect?

I find this song Kurtis uses hilarious but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFAgNtiwN28 (it starts at 8:28)
Also there's a short violin suspense sound like "toot!", Danny and Cody Ko sometimes use it too, it's also very funny but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Could you guys help? Thanks!
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2021.12.04 10:36 Sraypp0 Agalar selamlar, yıllar sonra pc aldim, beraber dc den oyun oynicak eleman arıyorum, terraria mc ayrica game pass de var , gelmek isteyen varsa beklerim

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2021.12.04 10:36 sharonteng Giant clams are the world's largest living marine bivalves. The size of these clams ranges from 4 feet to 4.5 feet in length and can weigh more than 200 kilograms. They are sessile, once they have settled somewhere they remain there for the rest of their life.

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2021.12.04 10:36 jojo413777 Is it worth applying after sales or clearance invoice?

I’m not too sure what either of these options r on wegobuy but r they worth adding on?
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2021.12.04 10:36 Stoffmeister How To Buy TRON - Simplecryptoguide.com

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2021.12.04 10:36 carolinahermit When Will I Wake Up? Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight: Self-esteem isn’t for wimps; neither is dieting 
Not everybody loves being loved. Most people hate being hated while a few live to be. Josie didn’t have any experience with love; however she had more than her fill of hate. Still she couldn’t stop hating herself.
When it comes right down to it, nobody’s opinion of you matters more than your own. Josie now had all the time in the world to wonder what went wrong with her budding bookworm romance. Having been brought up to believe that all the problems in the world somehow rested on her shoulders, she was left her blaming herself yet again.
Showing the bleached blonde brains of a brainwashed Barbie doll Josie now spanked herself, blaming her plump pear-bottom figure for all her problems. One junior nincompoop too scared to drop his trousers had Josie seriously questioning her ever-inflating body image. The “Bubble-Butt” janitor’s closet rude remark came back to haunt Josie in a big way.
Yet to push the limit of her training bra, Josie came face to face with a nasty new arch-nemesis she would be dealing with on and off for the rest of her life, the evil “D;” the “D” not being for devil, but rather DIET.
Diet 101: if it tastes good, don’t eat it, don’t taste it, don’t smell it, and most of all don’t even think about it. Naturally if it’s good for you, the last thing your stomach wants to do is eat it. In Josie’s opinion it was called a diet because her taste-buds died a bit every time she ate what was on it.
Food, what was it good for; temptation that’s about all. Finding nutrition without taste to be nuts; Josie’s sole source of pleasure had become a nightmare; one of never-ending candy and fast food commercials. The advertising industry made sure her hunger pains wouldn’t forget what she craved most.
In light of the fact that she could no longer look in a mirror without wincing, Josie tried giving up eating what tasted good for what was supposedly good for her. It did not make her happy. She couldn’t care less if it made her healthier; she just wanted to look good; lip-smacking, hip wriggling, make the boys drool and the girls cry; too hot to handle; and most of all, too irresistible to ignore.
Molding herself into a goddess wouldn’t be easy. The following was her newcomer’s opinion of health food:
The curdled texture of cottage cheese must surely have come from a soured farm full of decomposing zombie cows. Only the undead could find it appetizing.
Only the devil could have come up with adding fruit to yogurt, for in spite of its misleading colorful candy rippled appearance and creamy texture it didn’t taste like a desert at all. As to promoting regularity: Josie found it no surprise that her body desired to rid itself of such a fowl tasting product a.s.a.p.
If Tofu was so good for you, why weren’t cows known for their slim physiques; after all Josie’s fellow big heifers ate nothing but grass? And as far as Josie was concerned tofu was an albino offshoot of your average lawn or roots thereof.
It didn’t take long for Josie to discover the cruel irony in that the stale flavor of rice cakes only came alive when the Styrofoam disks were used to scoop up half-melted ice cream.
Fruits and vegetables hardly made any impression at all; unless the fruit in question were submersed in ice cream, pie, or turnover; or doused in rich creamy cheese or sour-cream.
Okay fruit in diet Jello was semi-satisfying only Josie could eat buckets of it without ever filling full.
Naturally salads were only good when thoroughly dressed.
The only vegetable to be seconded was the potato. Admittedly, corn was acceptable too, as long as it was pulverized into a chip and drowned in nacho cheese, still on the cob or popped as long as buttered properly.
Why does one say grace over the dinner table if not to be thankful for the GOOD meal? God must be a dude; He has such a wicked sense of humor. Why else did He make all the good stuff so damn fattening? Cheesecake, ice cream, and cherry pie may not have landed on Josie’s plate often; when they did, it was licked clean for a lasting impression.
She was used to her taste-buds torturing her, not the other way around. Self-torturing Josie was wise enough to realize that looking good required sacrifice; and she could never forget the greatest temptation of all.
Still to drift by on the forbidden desert cart, the main obstacle in her weight-loss challenge, what Josie considered the best treat of all, last but definitely not least—her beloved cocoa bean.
Chocolate bars were her chosen pacifier her in times of trouble—specifically nougat covered with caramel covered with peanuts all coated with chocolate Snicker’s bars. Nothing came closer to sinful decadence as Josie could ever get; at least until her knight in shining armor finally came to lay a long awaited velvety one on her hungry lips.
A passive-aggressive preteenager on a diet is not a happy camper; she became a cranky, grumpy, barking at the world, bitch. Sticking to a regimented diet required Josie to feel massively inferior to all the beautiful people—the skinny, sleek, freaky beautiful people; those who deserve to be chucked against a tree-trunk and split in half for crimes against the waist-line. In Josie’s chocolate-free black-hole of a universe, joy became as common as life on other planets.
Wide loads can’t take it, but love to dish it out. Josie’s wide-waist parents showed their usual support. Josie’s diet coach of a mom reminded her constantly, “keep on scoffing that ice cream down and you’ll soon be fatter than the cow it came from.” If meddling Matilda actually wanted to help, she’d stop re-paving the freezer with rocky-road.
Believe it or not, her father helped, unintentionally. Daddy Plumpest kept confiscating Josie’s candy bar stash handing it over to her mom declaring “It’s the only way she’ll ever land a husband.” George was just ensuring his weight wouldn’t get too far ahead of his nagging wife’s.
The heart may want what it wants; however an empty tummy demands satisfaction. It wasn’t easy for her to sneak a snack but she managed. On more than one occasion Josie was caught brown-handed. “Drop that Snickers, lard-ass!” Matilda reminded Josie in her favorite tone of disapproval, “Satin loves to deceive; the sneaky twerp squeezes millions of calories into every bite!”
Any woman with weight issues will tell you candy is far more trick than treat. Preteen Josie got assigned a worn-out sheet to throw over her head on Halloween one last time. It was the last year she qualified for free treats and her cheapskate parents weren’t about to deny her that; anguish being their family tradition.
As dear ole hypocritical mummy put it while scarfing down Josie’s treats, “There’ll be plenty of time for chocolate after you’re married. Until then hand it over and keep your big mouth shut. We all suffer for our men!” With that she licked her creamy brown fingers clean…slowly.
Josie’s rotund dad tossed in his bad-penny’s worth with “Chocolate looks like shit-because those that indulge in it do too!” George hadn’t much of a sweet tooth seeing as chewing tobacco had maimed the few taste buds he had left.
To ensure Josie got absolutely no joy out of beggar’s night the bits of hard candy that her vulturous parents didn’t care for ended up in the trash, unwrapped and thoroughly mixed in with less desirable components; her dad’s used tobacco being the most effective.
Witty, Josie didn’t take it all lying down. Whenever her heavy mom got heavy on her case, Josie reminded wobbling Matilda with brown tongue wagging in the wind, “If candy bars weren’t meant for women than why name them “her-she.”
No use denying it, from the day she was born, Josie was a chocoholic. Consequently her diet went the way most yo-yo’s do. Any sane twelve year-old girl was going to pick chocolate over yogurt every time.
Remarkably fast fasting gave into cravings. George and Matilda never spoke a single cheer of reinforcement, but they sure knew how to dish out the discouragement. Her parents’ taunting daily weigh-ins along with weekend weight updates for friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who’d ridicule hindered things considerably.
The few rolled-eyed parents who’d try to explain “kids will be kids” were never consulted a second time. The one that mentioned “baby fat” was banned for life. While juvenile obesity was nothing to ignore it was hardly the only thing to talk about, every minute of every hour of every day. While her belly inflated to new highs Josie’s moral deflated to new lows. Life sucks when your weight is ten times your age; if only she could blame that on her math teacher.
Don’t despair. Josie did enough of that for hundreds. All wasn’t as blubbery bleak as it appeared. Josie was still on the short side, her growth spurt yet to commence; and there was no telling what effect upcoming puberty might have on her metabolism.
All this fuss and muss and Josie hadn’t even reached the age yet where cottage cheese thighs would make dieting the lesser of two evils; when she inevitably did, the evil “C” for cellulite, preceded her “D.” Sometimes a “C” can be worse than a “D.”
available on Kindle Unlimited at amazon.com just type "when will i wake up" in their search window
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2021.12.04 10:36 inmoon آموزش منوی ظرفشویی بوش سری ۶

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2021.12.04 10:36 _Iam_L_ Zamn, he's 24?

Zamn, he's 24?
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2021.12.04 10:36 RookieMistake2021 How do you deal with toxic people at work without burning bridges or looking like an ass****?

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2021.12.04 10:36 imregrettingthis After all the craziness of the year people start hovering inches off the ground occasionally, what do you do next?

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2021.12.04 10:36 andyxiety Егзотични миленичиња

Здраво, дали некој има претстава од каде би купил змија? Дали има некаде во Македонија или мора од странство да земам?
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2021.12.04 10:36 inmoon ریمیکس اهنگ خارجی جدید و زیبا Love The Way You Lie از albert vishi و rihanna + دانلود

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