Something I didn’t understand about the show Gotham.

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2021.12.04 10:51 Boopi_Doopi Something I didn’t understand about the show Gotham.

In the show, we see all the Batman villains developing and becoming the icons we know but at the same time Bruce is just a kid.. heck Batman wasn’t even an idea at the time. Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, was like 20 when Bruce’s parents were killed. Now correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Kyle a lover of Bruce at some point? I get that the show was trying to be more realistic without all that superhero wishy woshy but this just fucks up the whole timeline. By the time Batman’s gonna come, all those villains will be long gone.
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2021.12.04 10:51 Dr-Xan Packaged went from "delivered" to "delayed"?

Hello fellow Redditors,
I've been having trouble getting a package delivered, and it's had some strange tracking information. It appears to have made it to my local distribution center without issue. It showed out for delivery the next day as expected, but wasn't delivered (Tuesday). The following day it showed back at the distribution center "Processing for delivery", but showed the delivery date as that day (Wednesday). Strangely all the prior tracking information disappeared as if it never had happened. Then on Thursday and Friday it still said "processing for delivery", and was going to show up Friday. So I called the support center, and they assured me it was "really" going to be loaded onto a truck Friday. A couple hours later, it finally updated to "out for delivery". Then at 7:30PM, it said it was delivered and signed for by PVD. We were home, so we know it wasn't really delivered (to us anyway). BTW way this is a 125 lbs box that is about 3'x2'x3' big, so not easy to miss. We know all our neighbors, and checked with them, and it wasn't mis-delivered to a nearby neighbor. We also don't have a neighbor that has the initials PVD.
THEN I found this reddit community, and I see that PVD stands for personal vehicle delivery in your world. I also used the tracking website in the FAQ, and lo and behold I can actually see all the prior tracking information, a well as some delays (that the UPS app never showed). Most interestingly, the last status had changed from Delivered to Delayed. The update actually happened an hour after the original delivered status, and I hadn't checked again as it was showing delivered. So the UPS website now matches the parcelsapp web page.
So, my question is this: Is that "delivered" with the initials PVD, some kind of hand off, or something that happens on occasion? Do you think there is any chance I'll see my package today? (Saturday.. we do have Saturday deliveries in our area). Should I hold tight until Monday? And (this is a rhetorical question) why in the name of all that is good wouldn't UPS show the same level of detail as parcelapp? It would so dramatically reduce the number of calls about the status of packages.
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The title
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2021.12.04 10:51 andIwillthrowwwaway If Tanjiro wasn't stabbed by the train conductor, would that help Rengoku or help him kill Akaza at least?

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2021.12.04 10:51 vojtech878 [Fo4] AWKCR question

Ok, so i see a lot of peeople saying that you shudent use awkcr. Why is that? Is it broken? If so what exactly does it break?
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