Yuri sama by sugacanes0 instagram

2021.12.04 09:59 TOMOCHI-SAMA Yuri sama by sugacanes0 instagram

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2021.12.04 09:59 Just-Improvement8848 Oroez

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2021.12.04 09:59 crypto_pranav 🚀 Massive News Coming from GetSafle Themost awaited moment is arrived Now...🧑‍🚀 SAFLE is all set to LAUNCH their First IDO on polkastarter Note Down the Details : Date: 16th December 2021 Let's GoBeyond, WAGMI 💙 Read More: https://t.co/iU0QJz7vH8 $SAFLE, BeyondTrust

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2021.12.04 09:59 OverlordHippo El Salvador CEO buys the dip and Peter Schiff gets roasted by his son.

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2021.12.04 09:59 Bright-Ink Attack dogs don't spawn? Anyone else have this?

Just got the game and notice that whenever I use the guard dog or attack dogs, I call them in, but I never see them, or get any kills from them. If I attempt to call them in again, it says they're active. I've never actually seen an attack dog spawn though.
Anyone else experience this?
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2021.12.04 09:59 sleepingshast They're enjoying it at least...

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2021.12.04 09:59 Usual-Efficiency6853 zekrom adding 10 0972 7766 1825

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2021.12.04 09:59 TopReindeer3820 (REPOST) help my 2 little ones have Christmas

Hello my name is Chris I have 2 little ones and we can use a little help this holiday session we have been blessed in the past however this year we just can’t seem to afford certain things it’s only a few items that they listed for Santa and we would really appreciate some help this year. Heres a list on Amazon some of the items that they’ve asked Santa for.
Here is the list for my 6 years old Ainoha she love arts
Here is the list for my 2 year thomas he love play whit legos and cars
I received art suplay for Ainoha and magnet block for Thomas
​I want to thank anybody and everybody in advance that Contributes to sending my kids gifts gif to open up on Christmas I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know and wish you and your family all the best
Thanks and merry Christmas
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2021.12.04 09:59 Small_Fun_4034 Peugeot telematics (Just Add Fuel). Road Risk always says high, thinking of cancelling?

I recently started leasing a Peugeot 108 in the UK under the Peugeot telematics (Just Add Fuel) insurance policy. Each journey you make is scored under 5 criteria and an overall score is given, for example, Road Risk as one criteria
However, for whatever reason / data evidence, my local area / radius seems to be classified as high risk, so essentially whenever I do a short local journey the score is severely affected. I might have to cancel the insurance policy because of this, any advice?
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2021.12.04 09:59 banananutmilkshake found my first shiny pokémon ever when I was trying to look for a regular Abra to catch!

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2021.12.04 09:59 Invad3r999 im selling my 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 trillion doler nft

im selling my 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 trillion doler nft here is my 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999+ trillion nft (dont screenshot plees)
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2021.12.04 09:59 lumbardefect Advice on long range hunting projectiles y

I'm looking at developing a load for my 300wm.
Application will be long range target i.e. 500m-1000m, but also long range hunting (500m-600m). I'm living in Australia where ammo supplies are basically sold out country wide.
I had my sights set on either Berger 215gr hybrid projectiles, or Hornady ELDX 212gr, but all stores are sold out, suppliers have no stock and no ETA on any new stock.
What are some other projectiles that you all have had success with??
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2021.12.04 09:59 sureshparihar1 गीता जी के अध्याय 18 के श्लोक 64 तथा अध्याय 15 के श्लोक 4 में स्पष्ट है कि स्वयं काल ब्रह्म कह रहा है कि हे अर्जुन! मेरा उपास्य देव (इष्ट) भी वही परमात्मा (पूर्ण ब्रह्म) ही है तथा मैं भी उसी की शरण हूँ तथा वही सनातन स्थान (सतलोक) ही मेरा परम धाम है। क्योंकि ब्रह्म भी वहीं (सतलोक) से निष्कासित है।

गीता जी के अध्याय 18 के श्लोक 64 तथा अध्याय 15 के श्लोक 4 में स्पष्ट है कि स्वयं काल ब्रह्म कह रहा है कि हे अर्जुन! मेरा उपास्य देव (इष्ट) भी वही परमात्मा (पूर्ण ब्रह्म) ही है तथा मैं भी उसी की शरण हूँ तथा वही सनातन स्थान (सतलोक) ही मेरा परम धाम है। क्योंकि ब्रह्म भी वहीं (सतलोक) से निष्कासित है। submitted by sureshparihar1 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 09:59 redheadturk SE you are not fucking Konami

Please never do stealth again in an expansion. I am the Warrior of Light, not the Snake of Light. I am getting tired of not being able to progress because of a gods damn *stealth* bit.
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2021.12.04 09:59 SelfMasteryxx 25 (M) convert. How long did it take you to pray ?

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2021.12.04 09:59 _dycha_ So this is going to exist and im not mad.... EXCEPT THAT KARLSON MIGHT NOW HAVE R34

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2021.12.04 09:59 Silver_Task8596 Paperwork Help

So I sent up a 4187 to drop airborne in AIT about a month ago. A drill sergeant sent it up, but that said drill sergeant isn’t here anymore, and I haven’t heard anything about it and I got my orders for airborne 2 days ago. I’ve asked 2 drills about it and they said they can’t find anything about a 4187 being sent up, so I decided to just keep airborne, I ended up getting a good unit, 10th SFG in Carson But my question is, since I decided to stick with airborne, could down the road my orders get dropped if it actually was sent up? They can’t find it in the system anywhere and I don’t wanna lose this assignment, probably going to get shit on for this, but I realize how dumb I was to try and drop it Edit: I mean is there a chance that the 4187 is still out there? Or is it a good chance it was just lost or never sent up
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2021.12.04 09:59 growers_harvest Do you think psychosis is a form of synchronicity? Many people distinguish between the two.

I consider them probably the same phenomena?
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2021.12.04 09:59 joshyswifey My husband knows crypto

Last night, as I was in sheer panic mode (a WTF is going on?!) my husband kept repeating one of two things:
“Look at the chart, not the numbers! You have to look at the chart”
“Stop looking”
Well played, well played.
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2021.12.04 09:59 Ok_Independence8524 Hope they come out with limited pieces for sale. Probably won't happen

I like NY Bunn on Mars piece, and I think it be nice I'd they cane out with physical prices for sale. I don't think that's ever happened in terms of mobile company, buy that's real money I'd plopped down for the game.
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2021.12.04 09:59 SirDefiant7262 Return To Zootopia | Full Fan Film

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2021.12.04 09:59 SnooGiraffes7941 West Virginia

How is WV as a homestead state? I’ve heard good things about the individual culture apart from the drug / crime epidemic imposed by Big Pharm and the Beltway. It has lots of rural space and decent prices, but the state is also surrounded by lots of population centers overrun by communists. How has their influence seeped in? Is it an island or just a lighter shade? It has recently made a political shift toward liberty but has a long history of a party that has not prioritized that nationally. It is difficult to get a read on a potential homestead location from a distance and its internet presence is wisely limited. But that makes it tough for me consider it from afar. Is anyone there or familiar with WV?
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2021.12.04 09:59 TopGearDanTGD Unimog Convoy

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2021.12.04 09:59 ByfelsDisciple Not sure what’s going on in my family’s basement, this other basement is a charnel house

Our sense of right and wrong is mostly determined by the passions of those who happen to be standing nearby. So, as I gazed at the nineteen sets of menacing eyes while I backed into a stone wall, I truly felt that I was the one in the wrong, even though I didn’t understand why.
“Why did you bring her here, Cadavru?” one of them asked in a terrified voice. “She doesn’t belong with us.”
I didn’t want them to see me cry.
“She’s crying,” another called out. “She knows that she’s a freak.”
“I don’t-” I whispered, “you’re the ones who brought me-” I pressed my back against the cold rock of the basement wall, trying to grab onto anything but coming up empty-handed.
The crowd formed a semi-circle around me so that I couldn’t see them all at once, no matter how quickly I glanced in every direction. Their ghost-like faces were even more sinister in the dancing torchlight.
“We’re not safe with her around,” and other announced.
A sob escaped my lips despite my best efforts to hold it in. “I was the only one to be attacked-”
“She doesn’t understand,” a man’s deep voice called out. “We can’t explain it to someone who doesn’t already believe us.”
Gheata had recovered from her attack, gotten to her feet, and joined the crowd. She stepped to the middle of the semicircle and plucked something from the ground.
It was the wooden stake that Brucke had used to attack me.
“It sometimes can be difficult to do the right thing,” she breathed, her knuckles flexing around the weapon, “but we need to keep our community safe.”
I nearly fell over as the images of the night flew through my mind. Gheata’s limp, alabaster body on my basement floor. Brucke dissolved into dust by my actions. My father, somewhere between alive and dead, left behind as I was whisked away.
“I didn’t want any of this,” I whimpered. “I’m only twelve.”
“That just proves how dangerous she is,” another man called out.
Something broke inside my mind just then. I had always believed right and wrong were clear lines that any levelheaded person could see if they chose to do so. In that moment, however, I realized that we all choose to imagine the boundary with whatever hindsight makes us most comfortable, and we see violence as a way of correcting the existence of those who prove that morality is retroactive.
And I remembered that I had teeth.
I looked up at Gheata’s twisted sneer as she gazed at me in unmitigated disgust. I felt her hate, and I reflected it back.
I had never learned how to pull my fangs out, but instinct guided me as I dropped them down and hissed.
She let go of the stake and staggered back.
Adrenaline flowed through me as I realized that I didn’t have to hate myself as much as they hated me. I might even be able to run out of the basement if I could just get past the crowd. Turning to the steps leading out of this place, I gauged the strength of those who stood in my way.
They all scurried aside before I could form another thought.
They were afraid of me.
I loved and hated myself for understanding this fact. That paradox mixed with a decision that I didn’t want to make, but had to act on immediately: racing up the stairs could save myself, but would require embracing the ugliness of believing that I was at my best when feeling like a living pestilence. The alternative was to let them hurt me, which has a hypnotic appeal when we’re made to feel that our spirits are intrinsically disgusting.
All of this was felt with emotions and no words; it would take years to articulate even to myself what I experienced in that moment.
I hated myself, and I ran. Up the stairs, into the hall, out the front door, and into the night. The frigid air wrapped me tight; I hadn’t dressed for the occasion, and I was cold.
I didn’t understand what had happened, but I knew I was alone.
With no cell phone and no idea where I was, I wandered. I lost a lot of things that night, some all at once and others bit by bit, as I traversed an unfamiliar city.
I had always believed that life had strict boundaries, and that certain lines could never be crossed. One of those false convictions was that someone would always take care of me. But passing street after street in the unforgiving chill stripped that away.
I cried.
I was at the intersection of 19th and 13th when I decided that anyone who really cared about me would have been by my side while I was alone.
Then I turned to the left and saw myself reflected in a store window.
For the first time in hours, I smiled.
It revealed two tiny fangs when I took the time to look hard enough.
The sun was almost ready to peek over the gray sky morning when I finally recognized the street I’d been walking. Without thinking, I headed towards home.
Every contradicting emotion ran through me at once. Above them all was a single thought: I had left my father behind on the floor. Shouldn’t he treat me the same way?
Anxiety swirled with adrenaline to curdle into nausea that settled deep in my stomach as I placed my hand on the back doorknob. I’d last seen my father dead on the ground – maybe.
So much of this night had been driven by the fact that I had to make decisions about my life without understanding what was happening or why. I closed my eyes and reminded myself that one day I would be an adult, and would never have to feel that way again.
I opened the door and walked into the house. It was very still, like the place had been abandoned.
Nervousness flowed through me as I stepped toward the basement door. It stood slightly ajar. Had we left it open? I couldn’t remember.
My hands were shaking as I reached out and opened it.
The basement was quiet.
Nausea grew with each step. Did I want to see my father’s body? Or was I hoping to see him alive, even though he would be in certain agony? I didn’t know what to hope.
I took the last step into the basement.
Then I turned a corner, looked down at the bloodstained floor, and gasped.
Read me!
Check out my books!
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2021.12.04 09:59 oinkersd anyone know how to get 7 more chem? last dotd for the 10 dotd achievement

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