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PSA on the dangers of floating point numbers

2021.12.04 10:39 trenchmarian PSA on the dangers of floating point numbers

Matter should come into existence in neat particle-antiparticle pairs. If the balance is not upheld, things start spiraling out of control.
So the ratio of particles/antiparticles should always be a nice integer value of 1.
In our universe that ratio, in the very early moments, seemingly was 1.0000000001.
Don’t use floating point numbers in important calculations, you might accidentally create a universe.
(this psa has been paid for by the non-existence advancement foundation)
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2021.12.04 10:39 Imaginary-Hold5898 Silver and Oh-Ho is actually a canonical couple.

Silver and Oh-Ho is actually a canonical couple. https://i.ibb.co/Bw3szS9/1638622572117.png Silver already owned a Ho-Oh in the second generation Pokémon Stadium game, she should perhaps better know and study the timeline of the Pokémon games to understand if the events of Pokémon Stadium 2 take place after the events of Pasio.
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2021.12.04 10:39 beklog Bitcoin and Ether Will be Outperformed by Solana in 2022: deVere CEO

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2021.12.04 10:39 potiryan What song is used on the PS4 home screen theme for Human Fall Flat?

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2021.12.04 10:39 Solomon_Raz The elephant units of this game are fun! War Selection on Steam (free!)

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2021.12.04 10:39 Intrepid_Ad6626 שרת מפחיד מלא ישראליות בחינם

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2021.12.04 10:39 barsonhot Neptr chillin!!!

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2021.12.04 10:39 Perruy Very happy about new pets!

A common "complain" is the repetitive theme around pets: dogs, cats, horse, bunny, mouse. Including myself, many players want more variety, and it finally came! On the trailer I realized the red pandas of the new suits, and now looking closer the second suit has manta rays! I'm so happy this suits aren't rechargeable and that I can get them. Hope LN keeps bringing more pets cause they are the most fun on SC. What other animals you would like to have a suit of? I want more turtles.
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2021.12.04 10:39 Kemenceszag Frozen

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2021.12.04 10:39 MatchThreadder Match Thread: NorthEast United FC vs FC Goa | Indian Super League

0': NorthEast United FC vs FC Goa Venue: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
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NorthEast United FC
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FC Goa
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2021.12.04 10:39 Specialist-Run2101 What do you think 'M18'

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2021.12.04 10:39 Clementine1234567 Anyone know what this is? So I can learn to care for her properly

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2021.12.04 10:39 Shogun_The_Collector Current bookshelf setup

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2021.12.04 10:39 hamdammit I'm looking for a ventriloquist or a ventriloquist's dummy to be on my show at 3pm today. Just click the link below and join in!! All are welcome.

Here is the SKYPE room: https://join.skype.com/qPgmOYG2UMrf
To be honest, it might be hard to get a ventriloquist related guest so if you wanna be on the show just go to the room at 3pm. It's gonna be a happening!!
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2021.12.04 10:39 Zekiz4ever I tried out Wombo Dream got this first try. It's pretty accurate

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2021.12.04 10:39 OutstretchedSkinMask No way in, no way out

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2021.12.04 10:39 GiantElf222 A pizza question

Can somebody tell me why 90% of pizzas/pizza places in the city uses the same kind of dough,
Are they ordering all from the same catalog or is nobody making their own unique dough ?
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2021.12.04 10:39 HagridAintSmall RTW(remaster) mod: Recruit other army units?

I apologise for the cringe in advance but I'm playing Julii and want to own some purple praetorian cohort like you see in Gladiator. I could mod the unit card to give me SPQR praetorians but it's quite a lengthy mod with sketchy support that looks like it'll take a day of headache to finally get right.
I'm left with 2 options...
Allow myself to recruit romans_senate praetorian cohort
Perhaps even more unlikely, access the save-game descr_strat file (so the descr_strat-kinda file that describes the campaign in progress not the campaign at bootup) and pop a few SPQR praetorian cohort in Rome (which I occupy) and cost myself for their recruitment.
Does anyone know how I can acquire sexy purple praetorians?
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2021.12.04 10:39 gameofgenius Given my options, which would be the best upgrade for my LP60X?

Long story short, I want to upgrade in the future my LP60X, since it has proved to me it can't handle some records with some wear without skipping (they didn't skip on a Philips turntable, for example).
Where I am I have an import limit of 200 USD. Any price over that one makes me pay a 60% tax of import + the shipping, which obviously is expensive due to the weight. Plus, since I am in Uruguay, if something fails with a turntable, shipping it back to the US can be a hassle. I'd prefer buying locally to have the guarantee.
Having said that, I have some options on my market, with higher prices than the ones in the US. I know, I know that prices here are CRAZY (everyday I see them I can't believe what they try to make me pay considering a 120LP is aprox 299 in the US....), But remember buying in the USA at the moment here is kinda tricky for a turntable.
Options are:
- ATLP120XUSB-BK at 499 USD
- ProJect Debut Carbon at 785 USD
- ProJect Elemental USB at 399 USD
- ProJect Primary E at 359 USD.
- ProJect Essential III special edition Beatles - 599 USD.
- Pioneer PL500X 660 USD.
- Denon DP300F at 550 USD
I would prefer staying under 700, if possible, and I wouldn't want to buy used since I feel it's like buying a car here. You have to buy to someone you trust them because they could rip off by selling you a modified turntable or with some issues. What I want is a turntable with adjustable tracking force and removable cartridge, with elements I can upgrade without changing the turntable. And of course, a turntable that do not skip!!!!
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2021.12.04 10:39 bloody_hell At first she wasn't worried about COVID. Then she was VERY worried about it. Then she thought it was a conspiracy. Then she thought the vaccines were dangerous and ineffective. Then she died of COVID. She was 42 and leaves behind her husband and three children.

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2021.12.04 10:39 Raimeraimer Question #6 of "Am I an alcoholic?". Do you ever ditch work after 1 hour to go get wasted?

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2021.12.04 10:39 Brave_is_Great For newcomers:

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2021.12.04 10:39 nemo_thenameless T and flexibility

There doesn’t seem to be much on this topic on this sub yet but I don’t know where else to start w this question.
I’m almost 2 months on T and I’m definitely seeing some hypertrophy already. I don’t work out a ton but my arms are getting thicker and everything in my body feels more dense and tighter. I have lower back issues related to tight hips and quads and my quads in particular seem super tight. Really hard to stretch like before.
Did anyone else notice flexibility changes w T? How do you deal? Just keep being patient and working on it?
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2021.12.04 10:39 No_Acanthisitta_4626 SHIBADA | Stealth Launch | Don't miss the next Shiba Hype Token, ShibADA | ADA/SHIB Rewards | Huge potential Gains

BSC Token | With the hype of Shiba rising and the strong love for ADA, we combine the two in this epic adventure! Super low market cap gem with huge potential based off the name alone!
None of this complicated rebase token stuff were taking it back to simple rewards for loyal holders!
Utilities will be introduced on demand of the community! Listening to what everyone thinks is best!
About ShibADA 🐶
ShibADA is a frictionless yield generating protocol. All you have to do is hold ShibADA in your wallet. The holders are automatically rewarded Shib and ADA by holding. This is done by charging a 10% tax on all transactions. 7% will go to holders, while 1% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump and 2% goes towards marketing!
Perfect entry point after the first initial dip!
A couple details about ShibADA!
🐶 Total Supply:
🔒 Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Contract
🔥 10% Buy/Sell Tax
🚀 7% ADA Reflections!
🔒 1% Auto added to Liquidity
ShibADA is a community driven token lead by a based and safe dev!
Community Driven token, renounced owner ship and locked liquidity! What more can you want with a new Low MC Stealth Launch! Don't miss this hidden gem!
Liquidity lock for 3 year, increased at certain market caps!
Contract address: 0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x702EA7CD1c63437E93F90E083d2094dCf5862D14
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2021.12.04 10:39 Awc123awc Who would win: Gandalf vs Dumbledore vs Yoda?

My friend recently posed this question to a group of us and I think Yoda would win but everyone was split. So let’s hear your thoughts and arguments for your pick!
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