I m looking for legit sugar daddy online ( don't have time for scammers)

2021.10.22 00:46 madimadison18 I m looking for legit sugar daddy online ( don't have time for scammers)

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2021.10.22 00:46 Dittos_Cousin Anyone have a blacephalon den?

My brother wants one and has completed the missions 1-3 but can’t seem to find one. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 00:46 CharacterBlacksmith6 What's the best cbbe skin, body , hair mods currently for a female and or male character

I'm overhauling what I can, just don't want my game looking like a wild ass episode of game of thrones lmao.
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2021.10.22 00:46 zeromaiden22 Newbie

I did my first two orders on BiteSquad today. I did my last two orders on BS today. What a joke of an app, I wish I would have checked this sub before giving out my personal info, but live and learn.
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2021.10.22 00:46 eelekalb Lucky Bean eventually grew into his bear claws.

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2021.10.22 00:46 GANDALFzeBLACK When nostalgias collide

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2021.10.22 00:46 madimadison18 I m looking for legit sugar daddy online ( don't have time for scammers)

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2021.10.22 00:46 Cwcool74 My shiny legendary gang

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2021.10.22 00:46 Official_Indie_Freak Is it true that if the Church wasn't exempt from taxes, that NASA would be able to send a rover to Mars every two weeks?

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2021.10.22 00:46 TrickyAsian626 Some ana-digi love.

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2021.10.22 00:46 Fakerabbit875 Is the duplex bow better than the knights bow

If so, how is that possible? Knights are fuckin knights but these yiga fools are just a ragtag bunch of kooks with wack ass masks
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2021.10.22 00:46 whatsup_assdicks Brett and Baxter

I love the support Brett got from the rest of the cast. Rest easy, Baxter
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2021.10.22 00:46 Manolocox1 Carbon fork damage, rub, bad paint?

Carbon fork damage, rub, bad paint? Hi everyone, i have a major doubt about what happened to a fork on a new old stock bike (Kona Jake the Snake 2019) that i purchased and was delivered to my house.
From what i can see looks like it rubbed or scratched against something, but thers some hard residue around (its darker now that i put greasy hands over it), is it some minor cosmetic issue that the store owner tried to conceal with nail polish or something similar, or could it be something more serious?
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2021.10.22 00:46 OptimistArcheopteryx AAR 10/21/21 - [Isle of Dread] || “Emotional Support Volcano House Call”

LFG: https://www.reddit.com/wayfarer_inn/comments/q969s0/october_21st_730_pm_edt_north_volcano/
Adventure Synopsis: Investigating the Master of the necromantic bone-thief elementals.
DM - OptimistArcheopteryx - Screep & Rock Candy - Scratchy voiced gremlins.
u/GeneralVeek- Iriabor - “Teach me, Obsidian Senpai!” u/drifting_fox - Uliyana - “This is the power of Lesbians” u/WaffleLordLambda - Shara - Spirit Sherpa Shara u/UnknownJD1- Devin Durio - “Is that slavery? Am I a bad person?” - Sleepy King.
Results: The party befriended some elementals, had group therapy, and brought home a few unlikely allies.
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2021.10.22 00:46 BrigitteGatlin ShibFuel | Poocoin banners Live | Coinmooner ads Live | Doxxed Team💬 | Going for 1 Million MC | Coingecko Soon |

First thing to do is join the official ShibFuel Telegram here https://t.me/ShibFuel_Official
Second grab the official contract address here: 0x36c77700eff806BaE46548DA06B442cB37698c6A
Third thing is to go to pancakeswap and get a bag of ShibFuel so you can go to the moon
Now Welcome to ShibFueL⚡️
Full of energy, power, health, and a mission. ShibFueL is a token designed to bring the power and energy to people through an energy drink. A healthier energy drink than one you’ve seen in the market. Packed full with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and natural caffeine to bring those early risers up, and prevent crashing with its natural ingredients. ShibFueL doesn’t stop there! There are multiple, top secret product lines we have already designed, ready to be released✅ These products will be announced to the public through each phase of our roadmap!
Earn ShibFueL mystery boxes! 📦
A new feature of utility being added to ShibFueL which will be implemented very soon. Is the ShibFueL mystery boxes 📦?
Hold a certain amount of ShibFueL for a certain amount of time and earn mystery boxes filled with anything from a ShibFueL energy drink, merchandise all the way up to some very expensive and prized NFTs! 👀
Bring out the Shiba with-inU 💪🏻
5 flavors:
1 Q total supply
40% Initial burn🔥
55% purchasable for presale and pancake 💰
5% team wallet (90% locked for 30 days. After the 30 days, the re-lock is evaluated based on new working members and a community vote.)
Why ShibFueL?
⁃ Experienced and DOXXED Devs ✅
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Join ShibFueL and Bring out the Shiba with-inu💪🏻
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Website 🌐 www.Shibfuel.com
Twitter 🐦 https://mobile.twitter.com/ShibFueL
Reddit ✅ https://www.reddit.com/ShibFuel/
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2021.10.22 00:46 huyenmay Hula dance, me, digital painting, 2021

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2021.10.22 00:46 amanbhatia97 PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Mega Charizard Y, Shiny Bulbasaur, Shiny Snorlax, Shiny Eevee | Buy now, links in comments!

PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Mega Charizard Y, Shiny Bulbasaur, Shiny Snorlax, Shiny Eevee | Buy now, links in comments! submitted by amanbhatia97 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 00:46 bongdaso247 Nhận định Arsenal vs Aston Villa, 2h ngày 23/10

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2021.10.22 00:46 njsullyalex He's done it before and he'll do it again

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2021.10.22 00:46 phoenixv07 35 MtF, looking for some new friends.

I'm 35 years old, living in the western U.S. I realized that I'm trans last summer / fall, although I'm still in the closet to pretty much everyone in my real life. I'm in a little bit of a rough patch mentally, and frankly, I really could use a friend right now. Ideally, I'd find someone I could be friends with long-term, but if that doesn't work out that's okay.
Some things about me: I graduated from college several years ago with a degree in geography. I'm a music lover, avid reader, football and NASCAR fan, and generally a big fan of dogs (especially my dog). I work for a "natural/healthy" grocery store. In theory, I'm a creative writer in my spare time, although I have trouble keeping myself focused enough to make any real progress on anything.
I would prefer to talk to women - I find it a lot easier to be open with women and I feel safer talking to women - but I certainly would not turn away a guy either. I'm always interested in talking to people from outside the U.S., although some level of English proficiency is sort of important.
I'd like to start on Reddit (PMs, not chat, because I tend to be on mobile a lot and chat doesn't work so well there), but we can discuss other options once we're comfortable with each other.
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2021.10.22 00:46 Cat_champs looking for a manager. straight up no bs..reasons for looking: I want to win. I want to help my manager win. I want to bring mamba mentality to axie infinity.

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2021.10.22 00:46 jmaislin66 https://t.me/teenheaven

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2021.10.22 00:46 Murky_Variation_7236 What is the best way to go away ?

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2021.10.22 00:46 DarkMoon-7 Until what point is it ok to meet other people and after what point has it become an exclusive relationship?

Hey guys, I have a question that deals with discernment, and I pretty much have a lack of it, so here am I looking for guidance....
Is there a sign that tells me that we are no longer fwb and that we should not have a fling with someone else?
Until which point is it ok to be open to meet new people(possible partners)?
(Pretty much what the title says)
All questions are relationship wise
Thank you for your time 💛
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2021.10.22 00:46 Swagary123 A Flake overdose was the best thing that ever happened to one of my pawns.

For some starting context, I’m doing a drug cartel playthrough where my main goal is to hoarde as much wealth as possible through the mass production of flake, beat up as many bandits as possible, and run caravans 24/7. It’s been very successful and through some lucky rolls of the dice I’ve got a few individual pawns with great stats for certain things, so it’s been easy to work with maximum efficiency for a fast playthrough.
From the beginning, I had a hard and fast rule in my colony. We MAKE the product, we do not USE the product. Of course, I knew that would go down hill as soon as Sally, my extremely talented doctor with a chemical fascination, joined the colony.
She lasted MAYBE 1 month on her “no drugs” policy before she started smoking the stuff. At first, I was against it, but when she relapsed for the 2nd time, I figured “hey, might as well make the best of a bad situation”.
Flake paid for bionic limbs, Sally was high on it when she did her surgeries, 100% success rate! Nothing could go wrong! Her overdoses were usually tame with no lasting impact, until FINALLY she took it a step too far and got a liiiiiiittle case of 50% debilitating brain damage.
She spent a long time in a coma recovering from her overdose and getting up to 50% consciousness so she could walk again, and by the time she recovered, she immediately needed rescuing. I thought it was odd that she collapsed, but I figured it might fade eventually.
As it turned out, those were just the beginnings of her withdrawals, and after so long in a coma, she was heading into the first stages of weening off the stuff. Not only that, from that point on, she was in ANOTHER coma, but this one lasted the ENTIRE length of her withdrawals, all the way from an intense psychite addiction down to 0%.
No mood breaks, debuffs, she just sat quietly in bed with 30% consciousness and major brain damage, waiting out her addiction and physically unable to walk to the next room and smoke.
Since she recovered? Hasn’t touched the stuff. She will continue to serve the people of Cartel well :)
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