Dooo. Close🤬

2021.10.21 23:44 Passion_Content Dooo. Close🤬

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2021.10.21 23:44 redheadinabox And another

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2021.10.21 23:44 1000000students US unemployment claims fall to new pandemic low of 290,000

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2021.10.21 23:44 BewitchYouAllNight Afraid to come out because of how I look

Im really nervous about coming out to my parents as transgender because I don't look like a girl... but at the same time I can't do alot to look like a girl without giving away the fact I'm transgender...
I hate to beg for compliments but can anyone give me some reassurance, or hell even advice to look more fem, since I don't want to be lied to truthfully...
Picture on my profile in a recent post
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2021.10.21 23:44 OutlandishnessNo2214 I had to reset ha for some reason can someone provide me with some glitched and some useful items username:Goldthriver2

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2021.10.21 23:44 ChaseWalling_ Giving ALL the karma!

Every comment will get some love. Spread it by up voting the one above you 🤟🏻
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2021.10.21 23:44 hash0707 Hannah and Liam #2

What if the universe is conscious but doesn't know why it exists. What if the universe itself wonders why there is something instead of nothing. What if it needs help in figuring this out. Is that why it invented intelligent beings? But then why couldn’t the universe just introspect and make observations and do analyses that take humans decades of research to perform? If it doesn’t have this kind of insight into itself, then how did it manage to make stars and blackholes and atoms and humans? What kind of absurd rule prevents the universe from studying atoms but allows it to make them? Can something be invented without a complete understanding of it. I guess I could invent a new kind of phone or something without really understanding all there is to understand about electricity or touch screen displays etc. But to make a battery, I need to understand how electricity is produced. The more I go towards fundamentals, the more knowledge I need and the less high level intuition I can get away with. That means that the universe has all the knowledge necessary to make atoms and the fundamental particles. Then it’s not about understanding now, is it? Is it about experiencing its own creation? If the universe has the capacity to feel a need, any need, then isn’t it an experience already? Which means the universe can experience emotions in some way or form. Is the universe toying with us? Making us feel lesser emotions most of the time while it basks in the glory of its own creation? “For fuck’s sake, Liam, I love you to death but you need to let it go that you came a little too early”. “Fine” muttered Liam as he rolled onto his side of the bed.
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2021.10.21 23:44 jkord5 Wow

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2021.10.21 23:44 Beautiful-Ad1164 Help me Mexican history homework asap

Read chapter, usually 10 pages , watch couple videos and answer 4 to 5 questions, one paragraph each well written. Need help with two assignments like this due Saturday 11:59pm California.
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2021.10.21 23:44 jimmyrok9 English Premier League -- Arsenal VS Aston Villa Picks & Game Preview

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2021.10.21 23:44 I_Mak3_M3m3s What you have vs what you get

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2021.10.21 23:44 unz_mod The Problem with Leftism, by Thomas Dalton

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2021.10.21 23:44 Odd_Rule1953 society

Lmao no one ever argued or believed we are "free citizens". Thats probably something the boomers who started the "s current soverign citizens. originally the "free citizens"". Commited to avoiding reality And using mythical words to dispel ancient evils. To get free shit from those freeloaders! In theire kingdom. the Copied the term from Batman. Or repurposed it from Captain planet to be EDGY. Then your ancestors got made fun of for being illiterate cretins. Who missed the Riddlers punchline. Making fun of batmans efforts to free gotham by defeating the joker. The so called free citizen of gotham who choose to quit the game. And go total school shooter. accomplish nothing. kill everyone and blame it on both teams. See the joker wasnt playing to win. he had no stakes. But humilate batman. And therefore himself. for trying to do something as stupid as play his game. Your ancesstors where just like "cool freedom word". And emulated a misunderstanding of a idea. They thought rejecting society would avoid its inherent costs. But They failed to even surpase drug dealers in success. Even with gloated confidence. They thought they rigged the odds of the roulette board. They didnt see there was no way out with the money. Not when you played for that long. The house gave you something to hold. But they expecit you too return it twice. You could of put it all on red and avoided the carnage from the beginning. If your goal was to win. Not too play. The gods literally gave these ancestors of free citizens. The ability to see this coming. Through "sacred geometry" He gave them the ability notice patterns and tabulate data. God even gave the animals a break. They could smell the sleaze and desperation. from the greedy hovel. And choose a easier path than a uphill battle towards a spike pit of cat food. Why doesnt a cat jump a dangerouse pitfal right into the hands of a raptor. The cat and raptor. know how too play coy. But not dare make a move. Or its back to the bullshit again. What ever school you learned the meaning of sovereignty from. You might want to look them up. And check the credentials. That was 2 crows, and squirrel trying to get the raptors to quit killing them. Too create a new free citizen to be prey." to nuture raptors and cats. and create mans wickedest deads. They thought wow im now a free citizen i can finally go find the truth. And make my own game. But the "secret free citizens" put it all on red. Mind you they have been arrested mutlpile times over the course of the quest. Neglected every fucking sign. When the owl couldnt help them. They brought in the cats and raptors. As a last ditch effort to undue the crows and squirrels influence on them. To get your ancestors to act right. Along the way. they were acosted by law enforcement many times. For being creepy And Saying thats not fair. That they cant just take the neighbors house and daughter. When they had the magic words. Nobody appreciated putting in a extreme amount of effort to avoid any effort and consoquences with one little trick. . And went on a cage-esq quest for the truth. The true meaning of freedom. But they Found it. They found the key to the familys misfortune. And generationational self inflicted shame. That they only understood. when they gazed on that old rare translation of a previously lost rune stone. With a even older anglo saxon Ideaograph. literally it simply meant THE HIGHEST NOUN "for fucking your shit UP"The word was used to describe the current governence by early the early anglo and saxon tribes of germany. what we now describe as a "Germainc authority of hordes" The A scholar tried to explain the esoteric idea of freedoms. And the role of authorities in society. And how central control allowed us to go from 200.000 years of goat fucking agriculture to the romans. Then stagnate when the anglo saxons took over and fucked everything up. with muh freedoms.. Freedoms to blast anyone who tries to stop them from exercising. the particular freedom they just made up.. baby mommas be damned. those opps cheated. But Eventually they found the key to lifes riches. The riches those germanic hordes entitled them too. By writing "we rule you" on britiains best rock. After conquering them and taking owenership of the pestering hovellls millenia ago.. Your grandpa was read a book. The scholar gave to him. He heard of the troubled clan. always taking and blaming. Uder the guise of freedom and soverneigty. To the demise of themselves and others. He thought it would help the family appreciate the freedoms they have. And to be able to say something as stupid as "maritime LAW" "free citizen, sovereign citizen, is that a tazer?" Like they just cast he who cannot be named into the lot of the deatheaters. They had words. They had old books. And they had words of law. To destroy the horcroxes of tyranny. that bind them in to servitude. and not be thrown down the raptors spike pit. The scholar pleaded. He did not care for the fate of these buffoons. "I just want to get some work done wtihout those dumbasses messing it up" he thinks to himself when he quiestions murdering the whole lot of degenerates. Whole generations were now spreading these magic law words. That Can dispel the most complicated old magic words with haste. It had to be a trick. No one is smarter the clan of hordes. believed the hordes. the Sovereign citizens knew the truth now. And would get revenge. On those lawyers. And that cashier who keeps robbing the clan by adding a few cent to every purchase. And its different everytime. But the number is always 2%. hes a total moron. Taxes are theft! Your grandpa said: with newfound glee. "I knew that guy was full of shit! I knew it! And he hates freedomyour father: What guy?Your grandpa: That scholar guy, okay? He totally besmirched me today, and I demand satisfaction from him. YOU:You want him to bang you? GRANPA: Look what they used to do when that sort of thing happened.Take a look at this picture. What do you see? YOU: I see two trannies shooting at each other.Grandpa: No, dude. They're dueling, okay? These are lawyers settling an argument by dueling it out.your father: Now, how do you know that the two trannies are lawyers?Grandpa: 'Cause it's an old book, okay? I don't have to explain everything to you about what I know! I'm trying to... get satisfied... from this dude... and you're trying to... I'm getting satisfied. I don't care. your lame soveign citizen granpa confronted the rad wizard lawyer scholastic bastard in his lair of true freedom. "HE DEMANDED SATISFACTION FOR THOSE WORDS." "HE REPEATED I WILL BE SATISFIED ON OR OVER YOUR DEAD BODY." "You wizard of SOCIALISM And its RIGHT TO MAKE APPEALSs. How DARE YOU Challenged my words of law" THE Scholar smirks. and glances at your grandpa. And then glances at his valuable tomes of wisdom. His consenual Bitches. Grandpas farm he stole from old ladys and returned to the people. And impressive stacks of money. He tightens the GUCCI belt. And Says
A lifelong-learner is you, hey? Then make your questions count, because your lifelong is running lifeshort. Luck is for losers, baby. Someone pulled strings. Angle? Your high degree of ignorance was showing. And it was making a mess. A mess my people have to clean up. I’m head-on, baby, flat-out, all stops pulled, full steam ahead. Side bets are for losers. I’m playing to win. I hit what I was aiming for. Guess you had brains to spare. Or are you just thick-skulled? Either way, baby, this is good news. Maybe I can finally sleep at night, knowing you didn’t die from those 2 crows and squirrels. NOT!!! HAHAHA, Your granpa cried out like a little bitch! "Cash me outta this mess! sovereinty i was your best free citizen! Sovereignty you beseached me. We were both supposed to get satisfied to completion by this dude. But it was a trick see. sovereinty combe back!!!!! he cried!!! the scholar disgusted by just how far ingnorance had degenerated your clan. He forgot one variable. Just how fucking creepy your grandpa was. The scholar lit a cigarette with a marked scowl. And he said "You’re one sick pussycat, baby. There’s quins and then there’s… I don’t even know what to call you. You actually tried to throw the raptor in the pit. Now you cant seem to get right? you were ruining the fun. DID you steal nuts from the squirrels too, Baby your sick. Wow-ee wow wow, girl. This is all kinds of wrong, but I’m in for a dozen.? SOO Yoouu? making a pass at me, sister? Cuz I’m out of your league? It would be 41 flavors of stupid to let you get a drop on me. And you’ve caused plenty enough trouble as-is. You’re platinum, pussycat! You know how to swing! The guy/broad everyone saw go in the Lucky 38, that was you?! The gasser everyone’s been talking about, making a splash on the Strip. That’s been you! You’ve made your last delivery kid. Sorry you got twisted up in this scene. From where you’re kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. Truth is…the game was rigged from the start. What in the goddamn…? Turn the fuck around you cowardly rat fink. Maybe that putrid gang of Khans you spawned. ignorant yet proud. kill people without looking them in the face, but I ain’t a fink, dig? The scholar pulls out his wizard grandpas magic lawyer sawed off shotgun. before you grandpa can even fart off one syllabyl. He decorating the walls. kind of ironic. Hes speckled over the most free place conceived. DIG IT? the scholar says to his bodygaurd jumanji. Who quipped back with a whine. EVERYTIME I hear “dig” from you, boss, and all I can think of is a shovel. I DID THAT NOW FUCKING DIG!!!!
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2021.10.21 23:44 Throw-Away-2021-22 [TW] To those who identify as They/Them, I have a serious question.

TW: Depression, Self Harm
There is someone I know (I am not friends with them, I just know their family), who at some point started identifying with They/Them pronouns. I’ve recently seen a Facebook post from their mom explaining how her child tried to seriously harm themselves by taking pills. It breaks my heart, I want to do something to help them, but I want to not be insensitive or ignorant about their issues.
So on to my question, any of you who had to be hospitalized for depression/self harm, what would’ve been the best thing to be given while in the hospital? I’ll definitely reach out to their mom for suggestions/guidelines too, but I also wanted to ask here as I know there’ll be at least one person who can explain from some kind of experience.
I want to be sensitive, I want them to know they’re loved and cared for, and that they’re not alone. I may not completely identify with their feelings, but I do know what it’s like to lose will on life. I’m not sure where else to ask advice for this other than here, if anyone has a better place for this post please let me know.
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2021.10.21 23:44 GalacticNova360 Is electrical engineering still a good major to go for?

I always see people now days saying "software not hardware" for jobs in computer industries and I'm really torn because I like both but I think I like EE a little bit better. I'm also worried that CS is just a bubble, where as engineering has proven to be consistently high paying. Any advice? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 23:44 jxck444 user - TEKKEN 5

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2021.10.21 23:44 WeirdAnimetor969 somebody PLEASE recreate this scene from snowgrave ruote. PLEASE.

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2021.10.21 23:44 500th_throwaway Is there a way to determine the modal number of times you’d roll a die before rolling a number?

I don’t know whether this is a stupid question. I’m not a maths-inclined person, so I apologize if I sound stupid here. I’m not even sure whether this is probability or statistics.
I know that the probability of rolling above a 3 on a six-sided die is 3/6. But is there a way to determine the how many times someone would typically roll a die before rolling above 3?
Like the modal number of times people roll to get a result higher than 0 is 1.
But what about rolling above 1? 2? 3? 4? 5?
Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 23:44 Internal-Watch-3173 Difference in skin

Has anyone noticed a difference in your skin after starting IF? I have been doing it for the past 10 days, and today morning I saw my skin was really nice. It looks smooth and bright. I haven’t done any facials etc. only fasting so I’m assuming it’s all the detox that’s taking place. Couldn’t be happier! 😍
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2021.10.21 23:44 thecheeseman710 [Recruiting] yourprettyface | Required th8 | clan level 2 | war/social/war farm/for fun | independent

Rules: be respectful and helpful of all clan mates try. Donate as often as possible making sure to keep everyone stacked with troops.
How to join: here’s a link for the clan: #2PRQ88929 If the link doesn’t work send me a friend request
QL29Y0002 The last 3 are either zeros or O’s
Dialect: English is preferred but all are welcomed.
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2021.10.21 23:44 ManHaos Jucați-o pe asta

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2021.10.21 23:44 Perchin_1 Free through Friday!
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2021.10.21 23:44 AreEnTee im tired off being called a racist :(

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2021.10.21 23:44 Kwanzaa246 Need help identifying standard material designstion is form

Hi I picked up a side job doing some construction detailing for a small company. The company wants to build an old machine shop that's disassembled in pieces and does not have enough documentation. My task is to sort out what we have, what we are missing and provide the missing information.
I have structural experience but not for buildings and am not used to the material designation standards used for buildings .
I can't figure out what standard the following material is from. I need to know what shape and size it is. I've found conversion charts for things like AISC structural steel shapes ( imperial go metric) that also give shape dimensions and I need the same for these materials .
Material 1: CFC203X70X12GA
Material 2: CFZ203X70X12GA
Thanks you for your time
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2021.10.21 23:44 EmiSRwasTaken I mean they arrived 2 days earlier but okay

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