Allen Bradley supply chain issues?

2021.10.22 01:37 Rotorfreak Allen Bradley supply chain issues?

I’m currently working on a project that utilizes Allen Bradley PLCs and HMIs. We chose this lineup due to brand recognition and ease-of-use, but we’re beginning to have issues with actually getting the products delivered.
The project uses the ControlLogix series PLCs and the PanelView series for screens. I haven’t had issues getting the PLCs, but we’ve been running into problems with getting the screens. Specifically, the PanelView 5310 12” screens.
We’ve been told more than four different shipping dates spacing all the way back to early August. At this point, it’s kind of ridiculous. No luck dealing with our vendor or Rockwell. We just get cyclically referred between the two with no definitive answer. I get it if there’s an supply issue, but at least be forthright about it. Although we aren’t a large (in the relative sense) customer, they should at least be honest if they are prioritizing larger businesses like some other manufacturers in the current climate. It becomes nearly impossible to justify continuing development with their systems whenever we are continually let down on promised delivery dates.
I thought I’d reach out on here to see if anyone else has been having issues with Rockwell or their vendors as of late. We’d rather cut loose sooner than to continue to invest time and money into what we currently have.
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2021.10.22 01:37 RoninLoganX Don't call me Loki!

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2021.10.22 01:37 ohboyito I messed up continued...

So if you already read my 1st post, then you know I accidentally sent my cousins an anti Mormon video that I meant to send to myself. I then figured the best thing to do was that o come clean and explain where I'm at and that I left the church.
Luckily it went really well! I'm so grateful for cousins who love me for me and not just because I belong to a religion. I got to explain everything in a general sense and they both reacted well and were understanding and said that it must be hard. One of them hugged me and said they love me. They both assured me that they value our relationship and want it to stay the same and they still want to hang out with my wife and I. Definitely a huge weight lifted. I don't want to hide anymore. I don't regret the decision I made and I plan on coming out to more of my family as time goes.
Thanks for all the advice!
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2021.10.22 01:37 darkdill Ranked climbing needs to rely more on just high kill counts

I know the devs want to discourage ratting, but it is extremely easy in ranked to get griefed, ganged on, resource-screwed, or have your kills stolen. You could do really well on looting, dealing damage to players, etc., but still get screwed on your LP progression because of the rigid scoring rules.
LP gains need to calculate on more than just kills.
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2021.10.22 01:37 Lumyiii [245mil GP] TakeitSlow needs 1 more. 3milGP+(10xKAM/32+WAT).DSGeo 27 🌟 LSGeo 14 🌟 CPIT☠

Hello! We have 1 spot we wanna fill with an active person.
• TakeitSlow
• 245mil GP
• We complete all raids heroic with 24hr join periods. PIT/HAAT is simmed. Sith launches at 7pm EST.
• Territory Wars usually is mandatory participation now with recent chages. Option to go full def if busy.
• TB is focused on DS Geo and LS Geo with the occasional swap . DS Geo 27, LS Geo 14. Almost 15.
• 32+ Wat and 7x KAM shards(12 solid teams so this only goes up from here)
• CPIT dies about every 7ish days with mercs.
• Active! Consistent participation; 600 raid tickets, Tbs, Tw. The odd miss is okay, just put a note in the afk discord channel but do your best to be present.
• Geos (KAM ready team huge ++) we are looking for atleast 1-2 teams for each Geo tb that can complete combat missions. Or Sizeable Cpit Damage
• Atleast 3mil GP! The more the better obviously but we aren't afraid to spend time with someone with a lower concentrated roster. So exceptions apply
• Discord, we have a bumping one.
• Swgoh account
Lastly, we are here to have fun! No tightwads or prima Madonna's. We are a fun bunch that have been around for a while. The 'chattier', the better!
I can be found at 962 837 698 (ally code) or Lumyii#3717 (discord) if you have questions or wanna chat!
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2021.10.22 01:37 titsweedmoney How did Brian Laundrie get an attorney? Did one just volunteer to represent him?

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2021.10.22 01:37 Queen-of-Sharks (Trickypocalypse A.U.) Distant cackle...

(Trickypocalypse A.U.) Distant cackle... WARNING: MULTIVERSE GATEWAY COMPROMISED!
WARNING: There is nowhere to hide, Lemon boy.
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2021.10.22 01:37 Captain_Church This doesn’t break any r/gaming rules, so if it gets taken down then you know why

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2021.10.22 01:37 Icediamonds Did anyone do this yet?

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2021.10.22 01:37 bawk_bawkbitch Help with cold temps and turkeys!

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2021.10.22 01:37 SacredFlawz Valid spots for photo shoots?

Anybody know any places with nice backgrounds to take portrait photos :)
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2021.10.22 01:37 therealcheekybunny SATISFYER PRO 2 (SEX TOY REVIEW)

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2021.10.22 01:37 space_oisin Handicap 81.5

I'm so confused, I went to play in a society game this evening and my birdies were counting as bogeys on the scorecard. I get back to the main menu and fins out my handicap is in the 80s.
Is this normal?
How do I fix it?
Usually play pro settings on quick match or 9 hole skins.
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2021.10.22 01:37 No_Buyer411 Sonal Chauhan looking fine as hell in saree !!!

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2021.10.22 01:37 BaronBlotto Does Tumbleweed have a gallows?

I've recently been trying to see all the bounty target hangings for each town and Tumbleweed is last on my list. I've looked around and I can't find any place for this. I'm not sure if I'm blind or if there simply isn't one.
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2021.10.22 01:37 eshum953 newly pimped out stryge with the ak body kit, cheap coolooks, and bike horn. [full mod list in comments]

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2021.10.22 01:37 That-Location6852 Playlist Sharing Server

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2021.10.22 01:37 ThatOneDoawkFan fanfics

send me some fanfics
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2021.10.22 01:37 neumonia-pnina irredeemable

Regardless / Lesser evils
how far did you think you'd make it
on your engine of self-pity
and the help you keep consuming
from the people all around you
what's the plan when you're abandoned
when you've run clean out of juice and
as though you could crawl before you
walked or walk before you ran, got
up instead of turning all the
dirt beneath your eyes to mud, so
what did you believe you'd find here
now that you've expended all the
love, you know that gardeners give
up on plants that never bloom, that
sympathy evaporates, well
how far did you think you'd make it
fueled by suicidal dreams, you
gasp and choke and writhe and shiver
as though something, as though something
could be irredeemable
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2021.10.22 01:37 Onlyheretoreplylol Horrendously down bad I miss her so much rn

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2021.10.22 01:37 n0fapw4rri0r Day 2

no urges whatsoever, i just tell myself not to touch my dick. i start to piss while sitting, just wash my dick with the showerhead
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2021.10.22 01:37 zafilovescarrots_ Not sure what is he doing, but he looks so cute ✨

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2021.10.22 01:37 JumpRopeIsASport Merge in season 41….

Jeff did say to keep the 1 erase the 4 like it was starting over… maybe the merge isn’t going to be a one beach merge but really another split…. Into 3 tribes of 4 with a double eliminatio.
Or no merge at all…. Just playing until it’s done to 5 or 6 as split tribes.
I’m just imagining a merge when the season gets down to 6, how crazy would that be?
Just thinking, because Evvie did say she’s never seen something like this done before, and they’ve done a lot of different things with the merge.
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2021.10.22 01:37 Jonaraja Apparently there's an anime this season about ASMR and that's the biggest nope for any anime for me

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2021.10.22 01:37 vlefevred4353 Salem Finance on the Fantom Network

The newest spooky moonshot is here!
Ape in our spooky community and be part of the coven, we are here to stay!
Tokenomics: -------------No taxes -------------- No Max Buy ----------------- No harvest Lock Up
Initial Supply 7500
Max Supply: 2,500,000
Deposit fee: 2%
Emission Rate Per Second: 0.0011574074
Sounds cool huh? But that's not it this project is audited by Paladin and did Kyc with Rugdoc, of course, you can verify that on your own and join this wonderful community on any of their platforms. But that's not it because this project is like no other.
Usually, a simple farm has pools only and sometimes collaborative pools, that's okay and all but Salem has Pools, Nests, and Vaults both manual and auto compounding, which is impressive of course, let me tell you something about the team, they are under a highly collaborative strategy looking for gems all the time and closing beefy deals if you know what I mean ;)
Where are they!? OMG
You can get in contact with us on the Telegram group which will be our main communication media, and where we answer most of the questions.
Aside from that, we know how important it is to have exposure on other social media, therefore creating a Discord community for our users, so you can talk, share and enjoy together as the coven we are.
Information flies just as we do, and there’s no better place to send quick pieces of information or even announcements than our loyal companion, no, not the crow, he’s retired, but we got a bluebird to help us spread the word.
As you know witches can be mediums sometimes, we might not talk to those who passed away but we can be a medium between the official commands of the coven and the Salem community, therefore you should pay attention to it!
We also have a nice IG In case you wanna check it out!
Telegram (
Salem Finance
Welcome to Salem Finance
Get in contact with u/Salem_mkt
Check our documents here:
Our media:
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